Soup Kitchen Evening, Thursdays 6-7pm – Currently paused

Receiving a cheque from Waitrose for £460 in January 2019


We have a soup evening at St David’s because back in 2002 a homeless man was found dead in the porch of the Church.

20160218_174852[1]A few key members of the Church were moved enough by this death, particularly as it had occurred on our doorstep and in such a lonely way, to take action. A soup evening was started to provide a welcome place for homeless and vulnerable individuals.

Each week we provide nourishing soup made by volunteers and other tasty refreshments which are often donated by ourselves or the wider community. We also provide a change of clothes, blankets and sleeping bags. We can see anything up to 45 people between 6pm and 7pm on a Thursday night.

20160218_174801[1]There are many reasons why people are affected by homelessness; there may have been traumatic events in a person’s life, family breakdown, debt and eviction. All these difficulties can be compounded of course by mental health issues and drug or alcohol dependencies.  Fortunately, Exeter provides good support and services to clients experiencing homelessness but there is still a great need for an out of hours drop in place such as the soup evening.  It provides a safe and non-judgemental environment where each person is valued and listened to. It becomes a welcome sanctuary where familiarity and routine builds trust in chaotic and changing lifestyles. 

We are in need of warm clothing; eg fleeces, jumpers, jeans, waterproofs jackets, Blankets, sleeping bags, rucksacks, Shoes, Boots, trainers, Socks, gloves, belts, woolly hats, Small thermos flasks, Toiletries, soaps and Ice cream containers for storing soup in the freezer. Please bring any donations to St David’s Church.

If you would like volunteer to make soup please telephone Roger on 07980 067389.

At the present time, we are not taking on any more volunteers for the soup nights themselves.

You can also help the work of the soup evening with a donation.

More about donating to St David’s Church »


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